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Justin Trammell, Assoc. AIA


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Justin Trammell holds architecture, ecology, and visual arts degrees from the University of Colorado – Boulder/Denver. While in graduate school, he was the AIAS Freedom By Design student group director, completed the Design-Build certificate program, and was the design team lead for the Solar Decathlon Design Competition. Prior to Path21, Justin was involved in several civic projects, developing architectural designs to enhance rural Colorado communities. He now aims to grow his healthcare design knowledge and deliver projects supporting social and personal well-being. 

Stewardship & Expertise

We have a firm stance on being better stewards of our environment and make a great effort to protect, preserve, re-use, and recycle. The built environment has a tremendous impact on nature, personal health, and our economy. With the implementation of green building strategies, we begin to alleviate these negative impacts. From the first stage of development, we incorporate sustainable design methods in our work.