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Pravalika Yadlapalli


Dancing  |  Traveling  |  Painting

Pravalika is a passionate designer from India and has been living in Colorado for the past 3 years. She graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture program from BMS School of Architecture, Bengaluru. She believes in creating design stories with logic, purpose, and collaboration. Pravalika is in constant pursuit of expanding her knowledge of art and architecture. When not working Pravalika loves to paint, travel and dance. She is also a trained Indian classical dancer. She is looking forward to pursuing her licensure.

Stewardship & Expertise

We have a firm stance on being better stewards of our environment and make a great effort to protect, preserve, re-use, and recycle. The built environment has a tremendous impact on nature, personal health, and our economy. With the implementation of green building strategies, we begin to alleviate these negative impacts. From the first stage of development, we incorporate sustainable design methods in our work.