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Selena Rehberg


Photography  |  Travel  |  Fashion

Selena is an emerging professional with a passion for exploring the connections between psychology, philosophy, and ecology, and how these disciplines directly influence architecture and the world of design. With a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from CU Denver, Selena possesses an analytical mindset, collaborative spirit, and unwavering drive, which fuels her insatiable curiosity and continuous expansion of knowledge. She is committed to harnessing her knowledge and expertise to address societal challenges and create positive environments that promote well-being.  Selena is motivated to pursue her Master’s degree in Architecture and gain licensure, aiming to deepen her knowledge and make a lasting impact in the field.

Stewardship & Expertise

We have a firm stance on being better stewards of our environment and make a great effort to protect, preserve, re-use, and recycle. The built environment has a tremendous impact on nature, personal health, and our economy. With the implementation of green building strategies, we begin to alleviate these negative impacts. From the first stage of development, we incorporate sustainable design methods in our work.