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Red Rocks Credit Union

2015 • Commercial

Red Rocks Credit Union selected Path21 to design their corporate headquarters in the southern part of Denver, CO. The program was to provide “design a home for their company that would be their 50 year headquarters to accommodate all current needs and future growth.” A tall order for this growing company that resulted in a high functioning office environment built around collaboration and security. The anchor of the plan is a large “Great Room” that includes living areas, a large kitchen, and connection to a large outdoor patio through a glass wall with views to the mountain range. There is also a generous fitness area accessible to all staff. It is designed to allow for the security of different departments but also create opportunity for engagement between each. The expressive architecture is a reflection of the Red Rock formations that make up the Red Rock Amphitheater and Park just to the west of the site. The primary material as you enter into the building is copper modeled after the penny as a nod to the first order of currency in the financial system. All of the design efforts were intended to create a sense of confidence, loyalty, and strength that are fundamental to the identity of a banking institution.