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Path21 Architecture & Planning

Healthcare and Commercial Architecture Design Firm Serving Colorado & The Rocky Mountain Region.

We believe in serving others through our expertise in architecture and construction. Our spaces are designed as the places where life transpires and people engage with each other in settings that are both functional and beautiful.

Path to Unity

Path21 Architecture

Our team believes in a holistic approach to design and construction where the goals, parameters, and needs of your project are first studied and evaluated; then a creative and realistic solution evolves through a cooperative design process.


Architectural Design
Interior Design
Strategic Planning
Program Definition and Space Planning
Schematic Design
Design Planning and Design Development
Construction Documents
Product Research
ADA Access Audits
Facilities Analysis, Code Compliance Specifications


Our team participates as early as possible in the planning stages of each project. Through focus groups, questionnaires, and general programming sessions, we can not only establish common objectives for the project, but also educate and unite the groups involved.


Entitlement Process
Master Planning
Urban Planning and Design
Design Guidelines
Land Use and Zoning Analyses
Site Selection Studies
Feasibility Studies

Recent Updates

Blog Posts

Path21 Summer of Fun

How quickly the year has gone.  It is summer already with the heat rising and the busy work load,  but that has not stopped us from having a little fun together at Path21! Foot golf adventure Team building with a competitive game of foot golf.  Check out our pros....

In Detail

In Detail by Leo Spurgin Pluto. 1474 miles in diameter. 2.66 billion miles away at its closest point to Earth. To put that in a scale that we can understand, that is over 29,000 years of driving in a car at 60 miles an hour in a straight line. This distance, although...

New Additions

New Additions Congrats Williams and Jason Family! Our Path21 family has been busy growing. We would like to congratulate first time parents Sam and Jenna Williams on their newest family member- Charlotte Grace born January 14, 2016. And Stephanie and Zach Jason on...

Our People

We set ourselves apart by engaging with our clients at the relational level, and with great intention, serve our communities both locally and around the world by creating unity through architecture and construction where they are needed most.

John Menno Nap


Terry Rice


Bill Turner


Erica Alfaro


Maeve Kinsey


Sarah Long


Stewardship & Expertise

We have a firm stance on being better stewards of our environment and make a great effort to protect, preserve, re-use, and recycle. The built environment has a tremendous impact on nature, personal health, and our economy. With the implementation of green building strategies, we begin to alleviate these negative impacts. From the first stage of development, we incorporate sustainable design methods in our work.