Gulf Coast Medical Center

A planned consolidation of two facilities in Florida including 60,000 SF of renovation and 420,000 SF of addition.

path21 architecture

unity in architecture We would all do well to cultivate an attitude of UNITY in architecture. View Our Work

St. Boniface Hospital

With and outreach of over 120,000 in Fond des Blancs, Haiti, this hospital will be an anchor for quality healthcare in the region.

Marina Park

A multifamily residence with a unique design challenge. The heated pool, driveway, plaza, and walkways throughout the complex utilize solar energy to reduce imposing utilities.

Keller Assisted Living

This skilled nursing and Alzheimer facility is designed to provide efficient care in a high quality environment.

Hollyhock House

Simple and sustainable technologies used in creative ways make this house highly efficient.

The Path:

committed to the advancement of the built environment We think of architecture as a process rather that a product. It's more of a "holistic" approach integrating the client, architect, consultants and trades into the whole process from start to finish. To us, everyone is on the "Path" "To" "One" great project.