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by Stephanie Williams

What is your purpose in life?

That’s a pretty loaded question, especially for a recent college graduate. But that was the question I was asked in my first job right out of college. Little did I know, in seeking an answer to the ever daunting question, I would find myself switching career paths and pursuing what I believe to be my purpose in life (at least in this point in my life). So what was the answer I found you ask? Well, I believe I’m still in pursuit of it but the new path it has taken me in life is one of welcoming people into spaces, homes, cities, etc. Making someone feel comfortable, safe, and inspired in new and existing environments became my main agenda. I eventually left my job in business development to pursued a career in Interior Design to create and design spaces that do just that.

Recently in my new career as an Interior Designer I came across the WELL Building Standards. And it reinvigorated my interest to design healthy, welcoming spaces where one feels emotionally fulfilled in the area they occupy 90% of their time; indoors. WELL is a performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and well-being, through air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. The research behind these standards are backed by medical findings that explore the connection between buildings and the health and wellness impacts on us as occupants. So naturally you can see where my excitement comes in. Why shouldn’t the built environment enhance our focus, creativity, and wellbeing?

Below is a presentation I put together for my fellow colleagues to enlighten them on what the WELL Building Standards strive for and how we all can use these strategies in our everyday designs regardless if we get certified or not. It’s just good practice!

WELL Presentation_BLOG WELL Presentation_BLOG2 WELL Presentation_BLOG3 WELL Presentation_BLOG4 WELL Presentation_BLOG11 WELL Presentation_BLOG12 WELL Presentation_BLOG13 WELL Presentation_BLOG14 WELL Presentation_BLOG15 WELL Presentation_BLOG16 WELL Presentation_BLOG17 WELL Presentation_BLOG18 WELL Presentation_BLOG19

In the search to find mind “purpose” I have opened so many doors and continue to seek out how to be the best designer/ person I can be and make a difference. What is your purpose in life and how can you make a difference?