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There is just something healing about taking a break in the day and sprinting down the streets of the city (within the observed speed limits of course ; ) that clears the mind and realigns the architectural chakras! So often we sit at our desk pummeling the keyboard or getting pummeled by a barrage of phone calls, demands, whines, and those odd, uncomfortable stares from the donuts on the tray in the kitchen that we have to get out or we’ll go nuts!

So PATH21 takes great pride in “employment diversion” that comes in the form of a custom built single speed commuter bike. There is a growing cult around these bikes and we certainly indulge. It makes a mundane trip to the 7-eleven down the street for stamps a much grander adventure as you race through allies dodging cats and cans, leaping man-hole covers and colorful containers in a burst of adrenaline, I swear you could feel like Superman (without the tights, unless it’s Tuesday).

P21fixie01One of my favorite moments was cruising down an alley on the way to a hamburger joint when a rider coming the other way is riding a very similar white bike with orange tires (mine is only different because of the blue tire, paying homage to our company trimmings). We acknowledge each other with quick reflections of our own bikes and then the other’s. Then a subtle lifting of the hand for a respectful high five and he is gone. One of those moments that offers a little humanity to the craziness of our world. Get out there, work hard, but make sure you play hard too!

For more info on the bikes, look to www.bigshotbikes.com.